Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Air and a Prayer

Blue skies a mile high and the sweet boy I love.
Mom and sister and coffee on ice-
All the things that make a Tuesday nice.

Courtyard basketball and pancakes for dinner;
There's homework to be done, but it sure is a nice night for a run!
The crisp night air kisses my skin,
And I am thankful that spring has sprung again.

As another long day has come to its end,
I lay in bed and thank God once and again.
He blesses us each day and his miracles are clear.
His love for us is evident and his mark is everywhere.

Off to sleep I drift and tomorrow I'll rise
With joy in my heart and a gleam in my eyes.

Bright sun shining and my dear nephews close;
Brother sings loud and misses the notes.
The smell of muffins and Dad's good advice-
All the things that make a Wednesday nice.

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