Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And it's okay...

Don't forget that-

It's okay to eat extra helping of everything on Thanksgiving in honor of those who will not be partaking in the festivities.

It's okay to "forget" to tell people the food you brought is not homemade.

And it's okay to think that one run or one walk or one bike ride justifies several servings of dessert.

It's okay if you don't really listen to anything your teacher says, after all everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten, right?

It's okay if the only reason you GO to class is so you can sit next to that one cute boy or girl.

And it's okay if the only reason you put on real clothes to go to class is because of that one cute boy or girl.

It's okay to have a favorite football player, but not a favorite football team.

It's okay to listen to the same song over and over again, and sing it out loud in a completely serious fashion.

It's okay to claim your hair "has to be dirty for this style."

And it's okay to buy a shirt at Marshall's but let people think you paid full price at the expensive store.

It's okay to seriously think Jake Gyllenhall would want to date you if you ever met in real life.

It's okay to watch the same youtube videos over and over and laugh equally hard every time.

It's okay to sleep with the night light on.

It's okay to wear your pajamas all day.

And it's okay to claim to work better under pressure to hide your procrastination.

It's okay to talk in funny voices with your friends a lot longer than you'd ever claim to do.

It's okay to laugh at your own jokes, even if no one else does.

It's okay to yell at the basketball team from your seat like they are your boyfriend.

It's okay to talk like about Taylor Swift like she's your best friend just because you know a weirdly-large amount of information about her.

And it's okay if Teen Mom is your favorite TV show.

Love who you are, and don't be afraid to find happiness in the small things. Remember that laughing makes every situation funny, and friends are the best medicine. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don't forget to remember...

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  1. And it's okay to be reminded that being you is okay! Thanks, Jess N.