Monday, January 17, 2011

In honor of Martin.

In honor of MLK (Martin Luther King for those of you who don't know...shame.), I feel like I should tell you...

I once had 3 fish. They were named Martin, Luther, and King. This is a true story.
I also own and have read multiple biographies on Rosa Parks and Michael Jordan... and the Holocaust... as a child. Hmm.
I once wrote a story called "My Friend Martin" about MLK. Maybe I should post that as well.
I am completely grossed out by teeth brushing. Not the act of brushing your teeth, just the act of brushing in front of other people. Ew.
I used to collect and number the comics from the Sunday paper.
I once had a dog named Herman.
I also, at one point, had a fish that I named Jessie, after myself of course.
I have always been an introvert. When I was little, I would tell my mom that my life was "too crowded" and proceed to play by myself for several hours. Always did the trick.
I do believe if I went to Hollywood, I could become a famous actress. Seriously. I know I could. For real. No joke.
I am a compulsive list maker. I have several notebooks for all my lists.
I also have a notebook in which I write letters to myself. This might seem weird. It actually helps put things into perspective. I feel like it's no different than talking to yourself... which I also do.
I LOVE to sing. Unfortunately a good singing voice is not one of my gifts.
It has just occurred to me that this post really has nothing to do with MLK, except for the first sentence.
I still dream about being some kind of pro athlete. Unfortunately, I have not been a part of a sports team since 8th grade.
I love to paint fingernails, and not just my own. I just love to paint them.
For that matter, I love to paint anything. Not like portraits though, like walls and bookshelves and fingernails.

That's all for now. Don't feel so weird about your quirks now. They make you.. YOU. :)  <3

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