Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's okay.

It's okay if....
Your hardest decision is whether to bake the cookies or just eat the dough.
You go home from work and immediately put on the same athletic shorts and t-shirt that you put on immediately after work yesterday. and the day before.
You paint a third coat of nail cover up the second coat that has started chipping away.

It's okay if...
You need to yell at the vacuum for not picking up dirt off the hardwood floors.
You go to the gas station for a Diet Coke and leave with a Diet Coke... and two donuts.
You play the same CD over and over and over because it soothes your soul and makes you smile.

It's okay if...
You leave the clean clothes in the dryer because taking them out means they have to be folded.
You eat chips and left over cheesecake for a snack. or dinner. or breakfast. (or all of the above.)
Every shirt you buy happens to be the really flowing, loose, cover-your-thighs kind.

It's okay if...
You need a break during cleaning to check Instagram, or take another bite of cheesecake.
You eat Wingstop at least once a week because it's so delicious and drinks are included in the "Wings for Two," so it makes you feel like you're getting a great deal.
You leave the dishes in the sink, the dirty towels on the floor and spend the night on the couch.

And it's okay if...
You sacrifice eyeliner or blow-dried hair for that extra hour of sleep in the morning.
You don't count calories at that lunch place that has really incredible chips and queso.
You care way too much whether or not your bangs fall just perfectly to the side.

YOU are incredible. And sometimes, you have to remind yourself that life really is OKAY. : )

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