Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

I got this idea from my sister, who got it from someone else.. I think? Anyway, it's called "Not me Monday" and I think the point is to say all of the things you "didn't" do this Monday, just so maybe you can laugh instead of regret that chocolate bar you ate for breakfast! Now, that may not be the actual point, but I like reading my sister's, so I am going to give it a try!

It was not me who stayed in bed until 10:00 when I had A LOT to do.
It was not me who put a hat on and work out shorts to make it LOOK like I had worked out because I didn't feel like taking a shower. I would NEVER not get dressed before going out of the house!
It was also not me who made a pit stop at Sonic and bought cheese sticks AND a chocolate milk shake when I am going to be at the beach in ONE week! I ALWAYS work out and NEVER eat carbs or sugar.
Also, it was not me who spent several hours in Target, only to leave with just a bottle of tanning oil. I would never waste hours doing nothing and I would never use tanning oil! SPF 50 for me!
Then, it was not me who came home and ate a WHOLE bag of kettle corn while stalking people on facebook. I only check facebook every few days for just a minute, and I would never eat a WHOLE bag of kettle corn by myself.
After this, it was not me who went to my mother's work and talked for an hour about silly girl stuff. I would never waste her or my precious time on silly girl talk. I've got much too much to do!
It was not me who left my mother's work and came home and got BACK on facebook! NEVER!
It was not me who attempted to ride her bike, only to quit after 3 miles because "my knee was hurting" and "the traffic was too bad". I always ride THROUGH the pain and maintain a VERY strict workout schedule.
After that, it was NOT me who took a very long shower and spent waaay too much time putting on makeup and blow drying my hair. I only spend 30 minutes doing all 3 of those things!
Then, it was not me who ate several delicious pickles and spent several more minutes on the internet.
Also, it is not me who is about to go to the mall and to eat out. I only go shopping on Saturday mornings and never eat out during the week.

Happy Monday you all. :)

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