Monday, March 8, 2010

Great weather and a good parking spot.

It is Monday, which normally means it is a hectic, less than ideal day. Now, other than the fact that we just spent two days sleeping in and shopping instead of waking up early and working, I don't know what's so wrong with Mondays. The weather today has been... idyllic to say the least. I think if I could create a perfect day (temperature wise!) It would have been today. My windows were down and I was wearing shorts. Beautiful. But this is what I've learned today:

Grant preached a couple weeks ago about how "signs" or "miracles" are simply meant to bring glory to God, not the actual sign or miracle itself. When Jesus fed the thousands with just a few fish and loaves of bread, the point was to bring glory to God, not to the usefulness of the miracle.
       Today I caught myself saying "What a glorious day!" The thing is, although the weather was beautiful, it made me think that the point of this beautiful day was not for me to think how glorious it was. The point was for me to thank God for this day and to make known how he is so glorious it even shows in the weather! The point was for me to realize that God is there, even in things as silly as the weather. God uses things like the weather and good parking spots to show us, "Hey, I'm in control."  This might seem silly, but to me it is so obvious. Sometimes we forget that the glory of God can be seen in all good things, and the point of beauty and grace and mercy and forgiveness and great weather is not to love the act, it's to bring glory to the Giver.

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  1. It's so easy to get so consumed in your day that you forget about God and the blessings he's given us. Thanks for the reminder!