Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday Night.

This is a poem that you're not going to be used to. A teacher once told me, "Anger is an emotion that scares most critics because people think skeptically." She was right. So here is anger. You just have to keep in mind that it's fiction, possibly inspired at an angry moment. 

Tuesday Night.

When you want to write but the words don't come out,
so many thoughts in your head, you're chokin' now,
at-least I think that's what Eminem said.
 You're hopin' somehow they might look at you and know what to say, what to do.
To disappoint the masses would obstruct this view-
this view you'v been given from the life that's "you". 
But the truth is, they don't know who's who.
It's not you, smiling bright saying yes and no, it's alright.
It's not alright, you're pissed off and he's ramblin' like a broken 
One more thing you've done wrong, 
another mistake and you're cryin' out
someone please take the burden of this weight, but no one hears a sound
beneath the smiles are nothin' but frowns and the blue sky looks brown
or maybe gray, i think that's right, but either way nothin' looks bright
To run now would make you a coward, or the strongest person in the world
if you could just escape for an day or one hour
you might make it through or find a place to really be you. 
No more nice girl, no more twisted hue, just the blue sky and a new view that's you.

The clock says eleven and you think sleep might be that get away
you close your eyes and try to escape, 
but it chases you in your dreams and all day-
there's no runnin' from your problems, they won't go away, 
so you take them like a man but with the grace of a lady 
and your promise yourself it'll be the last of "please, baby." 
you're done beggin' and sayin sorry, those things lost their meaning
long ago and today it's time to give back the beating. 

You throw your hands up but you're not leaving, 
you're saving yourself from a life of bleeding- love that is; 
you're gonna find the true feeling. 
I'm angry but there's nothin' left to say.
I've written these words and now all that's left is to quit this day. 

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