Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Morning.

This poem was written after  "Tuesday Night." The same great teacher suggested writing a counter piece. "What's the other side to anger? Vulnerability." Again, keep in mind that although these words might have been inspired by an emotion, they are fiction.

Wednesday Morning.

Last night I said some things I didn’t mean
About anger and brown skies and the stuff in between.
I said I was over it, I wanted to escape
But the only place I’m running is back to your place.
I need you, I want you, and yeah, you make me mad,
But there’s not a man in the world who could give me what I had.
Now this sounds crazy, like I’ve lost my mind, but I’m hurting and scared
And I just needed time.
It’s easy to blame you for all that’s gone wrong, but the truth is most the blame should probably be mine.
I’m hard to please and bad at listening, and you try to get through but my tone is splintering.
I should come with a warning that says the truth, then you wouldn’t have to hurt because of what I say to you.
I loved what we were and the future that we thought of, I just want to get back to the place where we left off- the place of laughs and smiles where everything is right-
somehow we got lost in this place and it’s worse than night. But in this tunnel that we’re stuck in,
there’s got to be a light and I’m gonna run until I see it shinin’ bright.
Now I’m laughing at myself, these words sound so childish but if I can show my anger,
I’ve gotta learn to show its counter-friend.
You see, that’s my problem, it’s so easy to defend, but when I really think I’ve lost you,
I’ll willingly show you where I’ve been. 
I’ll tell you what you need to hear, no guard to fight, I swear,
But you need to do the same for me; life doesn’t, but we’ve gotta play fair.
So here I am, what’s left of me, vulnerable and scared, now show me what’s left of you,
If there’s any part to spare. 
I’m gonna change, no more blank stare; When you talk to me I’ll listen, 
and I’ll ask you not to turn the chair.
Show me your heart, and I’ll quit with this game. Nice girl, here I am, I'm ready for a change.
Though I’m not gonna smile yet,
it’s gotta be real and I’m still stuck on “ready set.”
I’m trying though, I hope you see, and I promise- 
this is the real me. 

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  1. Jessica, you are amazing!!!! =) Love both of these!!!! (Tuesday and Wednesday) These are really good!!!!!