Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Firsts and Lasts

Everyone experiences firsts and lasts. Firsts and lasts come in all sizes, and normally, there is a story- a memory attached to each. Telling the story is not important because we hold the stories in our hearts or our minds, sometimes against our will. What is important is learning from these first times and last times, growing from them, appreciating the experiences- even if it takes a while. Here's a few of mine...

thanks to my Creative Non-Fiction teacher for the idea.

Time I really gave myself to God. (life-changing, literally.)
Time I kissed a boy.
Time I left home for a long period of time.
Time I got a dog.
Real, scarring heartbreak.
Adult purchase I ever made (a car... I jumped right in.)
(and only!) really bad grade in college.

Time I saw my Great-Grandmother.
Summer with Student Life (there were only two but both incomparable with any other).
High school event. (Graduation... all the people I'd grown up with, away from, close to).
Fight before ending an engagement.
Scary movie I watched (still leaving the lamp on!).
Time I rode my mountain bike (or even worse, my road bike. ah!).
Concert I went to.

There's so many more. My life has been defined by firsts and lasts. Some funny, some serious or sad, but all are so important to who I am today. As I made this list, I thought about all the things I went through to experience these firsts and lasts, and what I've taken from each one... There is a story for every thing, and a season for each.. Do not be defined by your first and lasts, but be wiser from experiencing them. All things begin and end. Embrace that.

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