Friday, November 16, 2012


So, I haven't been doing the "Thankful" Facebook posts (mostly because I'm lazy). Instead of thinking of something and posting it each day on Facebook, I'm going to make one big thankful post full of mushy thankfulness (and it's all deeply thought about and wildly heartfelt).

Sisters. I called Maegan the other day, all giddy over something great Andrew had done. Maegan shared in my excitement, and she also gave me reasons why my girly enthusiasm was completely necessary. Today, I called Maegan with a realistic viewpoint of the same thing I was waaay too excited about, and she gave me all the reasons why it was better to have this real outlook. I love my sisters for that. Thank you, sisters, for feeding my completely unnecessary excitement or disappointment or...whatever.

Books. Need I say more? I am so thankful that I can open a book and be an Upper-East sider, a princess, a vampire, Mrs. Darcy- whatever I want to be. Books are like vacations, only without packing and airports and luggage and sunburn. And you get to stay in your pajamas.

School. 99% of the time, I am not thankful for school. 99 % of the time, I am cursing school in my mind (not with swear words, of course). Even today, I called Andrew (and my sister) on the brim of hateful tears of my beloved university. But really, I am thankful for school. I am thankful that I can get a higher education right here in my home town. I am thankful that in December I will be that much closer to my dream job. I am thankful that retirement and job security are covered for me from now on. It's a love/ hate relationship, but I really am thankful for school.

Andrew. Handsome. Hardworking. Loves Jesus (And his Mom. And his Dad. And MY mom. And MY dad). Makes me laugh. Laughs with me (or at me?). Bear hugs. Chivalry. Feeds my need for adventure and my DIY spirit (And my large appetite). Lets me pick the movie. Encouraging. Strong. Handsome. Stable. Rational. Kind. Generous. I could keep going...

Winter clothes. I am so stinkin' thankful that in winter it is completely acceptable to cover your arms with a sweater, your legs with pants, and your neck with a scarf. I am so thankful that during these sacred months my tan is not a concern, nor is the flab under my arms or on my thighs. Thank you, winter. Thank you.

Memphis weather. I LOVE Colorado. That is, until I visited during winter. Let's just say my Colorado fever has been cured by the 12 degree winds, and I am ever thankful for 60 degree Novembers and the OCCASIONAL need for a winter coat.

Family. We. Are. Weird. And I am so thankful for that. We are like the Breakfast club (only with parents and little kids and all related). My family always makes me laugh (sometimes at my own expense). We are always there (sometimes toooooo there) for each other. We all share a love for food, old movies, and Jesus. We are a closed group-- it's really hard to get in, but once you're in, there's no turning back, and that has saved me from many a bad boyfriend and mean girls. I am so thankful for my little (not so little) family and what a blessing a strong, close family is.

Chocolate. I'm a girl. Do I even need to write why I'm thankful for chocolate? It's the quintessential best friend. Faithful, loyal, forgiving, agreeing, solving, delightful best friend.

So basically, I could go on. For now though, I'm going to go enjoy all the things I just mentioned being thankful for. You should make a list, too. Nothing bad can come from a little gratitude.

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