Monday, February 28, 2011

I wanted to remind you...

I wanted to remind you that...

There is really no such thing as "normal." What does that even mean?
It's perfectly acceptable to talk about eating healthy and then go eat a cheeseburger. Talking about eating healthy is just as good as doing it, right?
Sleeping with a stuffed animal is absolutely okay, no matter how old you are.
Most people are afraid of the dark; you are not alone in this.
Wearing high heels around the house to tone your legs is probably a much better work-out than actually going to the gym and toning your legs. Not to mention, it's efficient and environmentally friendly.
Most conversations are much more enjoyable when participants talk in some sort of accent.
Even Jesus needed time to just be by himself to just chill out.
It's not so much about finding someone to live out your crazy dreams with as it is about finding someone who will dream crazy dreams with you.
Not having all the answers can actually be quite relaxing. There's never an explanation that has to follow "I don't know."
The person you are with should be someone you want to be seen with... and associated with... and everything else with... duh.
It's okay to not want to stay alone at home, even if you're "grown." Who wants to stay alone? Where's the fun in that?
Rich people do not have it all.
It's never too late to make a change.
Your job is something you should be thankful for. It should also be something you don't hate doing... at-least not more than you like doing it.

And that...
Math is not a necessary skill... unless you're going to be some kind of math person.. which I don't advise.
People used to live without cell phones and internet... successfully.
What really matters is in no way material.
Unassuming is always better than expecting.
Google Chrome is the best internet browser.
Some things just cannot be explained.. and that's okay.
A pretty pair of shoes is absolutely necessary, even if they just sit on your shelf, even if your significant other cannot understand why.
A good purse is much like a good man.

And that...
Life is too short to be anything but happy. It is exhausting to be angry or sad or stressed, so give yourself a rest every now and then. Tomorrow is for taking care of things you don't want to do today.