Sunday, February 20, 2011

Modern Day Disciples?

Here's a thought for you: What would the disciples of the Bible (John, Peter, James, Matthew, etc.) be like today?

If you took these great followers of Christ, and even Jesus himself, and put them in today's world, what would they be like? Would they travel by plane? Bus? Train? 15 passenger van? What kind of clothes would they wear? Would they dress from Target, or Wal-Mart, or the mall? Would they were Buckle jeans and converse and gel their hair? Would they have long hair and wear flip flops and be "green?"

Would the disciples of the Bible belong to a church? would they belong to a denomination? Which ones? Would they be missionaries? Domestic or International? What would they think of today's "Christians?"

Do you think they'd go to college? What would they major in? Would they go to a Christian college? Would they join fraternities? Where would they live? Would they be modern-day nomads?

Would they tweet? Would they have Facebook? Would they announce their next destinations? Would they have followers? Would Jesus watch cable television and listen to the radio? What would they think of us and our lifestyles?

And what would we think of them? What would we think of their miracles and their teachings? What would we think about Jesus' sermons and his words? What would we think about their lifestyles? Would we call them "losers" or would we be jealous of them?

Would we love Jesus the same if He lived in our world? Would we love Him the same if He were here, today, now? Or would we be like the people of the bible- the ones who turned against him? Would we doubt Him, or would we follow Him the same?

How would he live? How would we live? How would He love? How would we love? Would things be different, or the same? Tell me what you think. I'm fascinated by this.

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  1. That is an interesting concept that I haven't thought of... and I really have no idea. In one way, it would be the same as asking what any other person of the Bible - era think of the way we live? Would they like it? Hate it?

    I don't think they were any less human just because they knew and followed Jesus. I'm sure that they had desires, just like any other person. Would this modern world shake their resolve? I definitely think that it is easier now to fall prey to the materialistic views of the world. Would that matter to the Disciples? Would it change their outlook? It must've been easier to give up their belongings back then, compared to today, I think.

    At least, I think it would be easier for me to give things up if I didn't have quite so many things. Does that make sense?