Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What counts?

Words, promises, what or who you claim to be, only go so far. What counts is not what you say. What counts is what you do. It's what you stand behind, and what  you spend your time fighting for. What counts is where your priorities lie, what you make a priority, what gets your money, your attention, your time. What counts is where your investment lies, in people or in things? What counts is, if you live for this world or more? If you are trying to fit in, or trying to be yourself, or if you are trying to be something else. What counts is what your goals are, what you want from life, what's important to you.

What counts is not what you tell people. It's not the show you put on. It's not the face you let people see. What counts is who you are behind a closed door, at home when no one's watching you. What counts is how you treat people, how you love, how you give, and how you show your love, your giving, your respect. What counts are your motives. It's not your intentions that count. It's your follow through, your direction, not the path you should take, but the path you do take.

What counts is what you back up. It's what you, not only hope for, but what you gain, not what you plan, but what you carry out, not what you want, but what you do. 

What counts is not what you want to be known as, but who people know you as.

What really counts though, is what lies behind what counts to you.

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