Friday, April 15, 2011

It's perfectly acceptable to...

It is perfectly acceptable to...
Call Paul from American Idol your boyfriend.
To blame your relationship issues on Pia from American Idol.
Believe the characters in the movie can hear you when you yell/cry at them because they CAN hear you, can't they?
Think every song is the best song in the world AND written about YOUR life.

And it's perfectly acceptable to...
Drink a whole can of (Insert your soft drink of choice here. Tonight, I'm a Sun Drop) in a matter of minutes.
Only run when the weather is nice.
Watch your favorite TV show instead of doing homework, as long as your homework is open in front of you. Hey- you tried.
Not have a clue in the world what you're going to do in the future. I mean, obviously it'll be figured out by the time it's actually the future.

And it's perfectly acceptable to...
Make a really great batch of cookie dough and then eat it... as cookie dough... instead of cookies.
Think the characters from One Tree Hill or Lost are real. Because they are.
Oh, and to know how to do things because you once saw it done on One Tree Hill or Lost.
Talk about all the creative things you'd love to do, even though you have no intention of actually doing them.

And it's perfectly acceptable to...
Spend hours on the phone with really great friends.
Stay up waayyy too late when you have to wake up waayyy too early.
Paint your nails every other day... or every day. (I can't stress this one enough. Totally normal.)

And it's perfectly acceptable to...
Make a list of all the things you'll buy- as soon as you get money.
Talk to yourself, out loud, if no one else is around... or if other people are around. It doesn't really matter.
Close the curtains and turn on the rain machine (at 2 p.m. on a sunny, warm day) and take a really great nap.

Happy Friday, you all. :)

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