Thursday, May 19, 2011

Remind yourself that...

This is for Camellia Jones, who is very good at reminding me most of these things on a weekly basis .

Remind yourself that ...

Exercising most certainly permits you to eat whatever you want throughout the day .
You are allowed to eat all the fruit flavored candy you want ... it's fruit, right? Duh .
It's not about how long you exercise, just that you do, in fact, exercise .

You are allowed to complain about having to work, as long as you are thankful for the job by the end of the day .
There's nothing wrong with avoiding certain coworkers . It's normal .
Your countdown to the weekend can most certainly begin each Monday . It gives you something to look forward to every day !

A phone call with a best friend can cure just about any problem .
It's okay to ask your friends to tell you that you're prettier than your ex's new girlfriend .
There's nothing wrong with needing your best friend to delete his number from your phone . We've all been there .

And remind yourself that ...

It's perfectly okay to stay in bed until the early afternoon . It's summer . Duh .
Sometimes, you just need a really great dramatic cry . About nothing .
There is nothing wrong with being at the coffee shop as much as you are at home . We all need a place we can go relax .. this does not make you a coffee addict .. at all .

Some times, your grandma might not agree with what you wear . This doesn't make you immodest . It makes her your grandma .
Your dad will always (even when you are married with 3 kids) say that you are "too young" and wonder "why you are rushing it?"
Your brother will always want to know "where the second half of that dress went?" Again, that does not make your dress inappropriate . That makes him your big brother .

Road trips with best friends really are the best memories to be made .
Sometimes doing nothing is what you need to do . There is nothing wrong with just being for a while .
It's okay if you are afraid of babies right now . This fear will most likely dissolve before you have one of your own . Hopefully .

Remind yourself that , no matter what happened today, night is coming to wash it away . Tomorrow will have a new beginning , and new adventures of its own . Happy Thursday, you all .

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