Sunday, May 29, 2011

Knowing and Believing.

So this is my struggle- Taking what I know in my head to be right and true and believing it in my heart to be what’s real. Knowing and believing have never been so different- It’s like a fact that I know and can share a hundred times, but I’ve yet to convince my heart to believe anything but lies. I know the facts, and I never question them, but when I look at my life I wonder if I’m an exception?

There are no exceptions to the Truth, you just have to be patient. God always proves Himself faithful, but can you say the same thing? It’s like I can give him everything BUT… There should be no BUT in what I bring to the King.

I want to believe, really I do, but I find myself struggling, dealing with this truth. And it’s not about faith, or what I know to be True, it’s about having strength to seek You- to seek You above all else and all this world offers.

You see, the thing is, your voice is the still small one- always in my head, but this world can be so loud, and when loneliness is yelling, the world seems like the only way out. It’s offers are so tempting, and appetizing they seem, but tempting is only a few letters short of temporary, and I’m searching for the real thing.
So God, take my heart off this string; don’t let me be tempted by what the world brings.

I’m a smart girl, and more importantly, I know the Truth of You and what that means. Convince my heart, Oh God, and let me see, the power of love brought from the King.

I’m over this world and all it’s misleading- make my heart Yours with the rest of me. Put this world to shame, and shine your light on my destiny.  

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