Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life and the ocean.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve become unavoidably aware of how much my life has changed, I’ve changed, over the past year, and how, for the first time, I don’t have any idea what to expect for my future. As I stood on the beach, staring out into the ocean and thinking about how much I have ahead of me, I let the tide wash over me and realized something.

The ocean, in all its vastness, can be lonesome and depressing, or it can be encouraging and promising. Life is just the same.

Life, just like the ocean, is always changing. It’s always moving on; no second the same as the last.

Life, just like the ocean, is often scary and dangerous; widely unpredictable, and sometimes it’s easier to just stand back and admire it from a distance than to jump in and brave the waters.

Life, just like the ocean, is often missed and taken for granted- often because we are too scared to jump in and enjoy it.

Life, just like the ocean, can be refreshing. Maybe sometimes you don’t want to take part in what it offers, but sometimes, there’s nothing more you want than to be a part of what it’s giving you. 

Life, just like the ocean, can hurt you. You can get lost in it. It seems impossible to see through to the other side, but just as often as you get lost in it, it will carry you back to where you are supposed to be.

Life, just like the ocean, should be taken as it is. It won’t ever be perfect. It will be too harsh or too calm, but we have to appreciate it for what it is in this moment.

Life, just like the ocean, will knock you over if you’re not standing firm, and sometimes, even if you are standing firm. You just have to find your feet and stand up again.

Life, just like the ocean, is much more enjoyable when you allow others to take part with you.

Life, just like the ocean, is full of ups and downs. Find a way to stay afloat, and try not to get in too deep. 

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