Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In the bitter-sweetness of life...

In the bitter-sweetness of life...

Be thankful for friends, but be your own biggest motivator.
Find peace in hardships and blessings in happiness.
See the world for what it is, but be optimistic in life.
Guard your heart, but don't be afraid to love.

Believe the boy when he says you are too good, and make sure he always remembers that.
Remember that, sometimes, pride will be the most important thing you have.
And other times, humility will be the most virtuous attribute.
Be a fearless leader, and know that the best leaders are also great followers.

Know what your own beliefs are, and stand firm in them.
Don't let others look down on you, and make sure you are not looking down on them.
Learn to laugh at yourself and correct your mistakes. Take time to breathe, think, and relax.
Remind yourselves that people are only mean because they are trying to cover hurt.

Take time to pray for those who bring you down, and try your best to lift them up.
Always eat dessert, and treat yourself every now and then.
Splurge on something expensive, but know the importance of saving.
Tell the people you love how you feel, and keep it to yourself when you feel the opposite.

Know that, in order to make someone else happy, you have to first be happy yourself.
Understand that true forgiveness doesn't require an apology, but realize the impact of a sincere apology.
Surround yourself with people you love, and spend plenty of time alone.
Be aware that loss is inevitable, and how you grieve is what will make the difference.

Be grateful for a God who is bigger than us, who loves us, who likes us.
Do what you love, and don't settle for what you can live with.
Take time to be a part of something that is different than you are. Let your mind wander and grow.
Smile. Eat cake. Appreciate the little things, but remember it's the big things that count.

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