Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Never Forget...

Never Forget...

Never forget….
You can never own too many colors of nail polish.
The summer heat is definitely a legitimate excuse to not work out.
Waiters only make 2.13 an hour.
Pizza and grilled chicken are equally as delicious right out of the fridge.
You do not have to have it all together, or even mostly together. Sometimes, you just gotta get by.
As a girl, you might not ever think any boy equals up to your dad or brother. This is okay.
You should never be embarrassed over someone else’s actions.
Sometimes people will stare at you. Smile back.
It’s okay to laugh a little too loud.

Never forget...

Summer break is for sleeping. That’s why it’s called a break.
The Notebook is true, and it can happen.
Channing Tatum is married.
Your plans will never be as good as God’s.
Tim Tebow is still single.
Black is very slimming, and always an appropriate color of dress. (Except on Easter.)
Linen shorts stretch. Most shoes do not.
Frozen yogurt is (mostly) health(ier anyway.) Eat up!
Life is too short to be worried.
Sometimes, a little rain is a good thing.

And never forget, no matter how hard today was, it will be over tomorrow. : )

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