Friday, July 22, 2011

I hope you realize...

I hope you realize that we must first face ourselves before we can change. We have to admit to pain before we can heal, and we have to feel weakness before we can grow strong. I hope you realize that even Spiderman needed help, and even Jesus let a man carry the cross for Him. I hope you realize that sometimes, knowing you don’t have it together means you have it a lot more together than most people. 

I hope you realize there is a lot more you can make with lemons than just lemonade, and you’ll never be able to appreciate people if you’re always comparing them to others. I hope you realize sometimes it’s going to rain, but the sun is always just behind the clouds. I hope you realize your parents are smarter than you think, and sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself. I hope you realize it’s hard to be happy while you are complaining, and it’s hard to cry if you’re smiling.

I hope you realize that air- conditioning is a blessing and homework is necessary. I hope you realize a good thing when you see it and a bad thing, too. I hope you realize what you spend your time talking about is what holds your heart, and contrary to what Miranda Lambert sings, Jesus does not understand when we settle for this world. I hope you realize it’s more important to show how you care than to show what you know, and little kids learn to treat people by watching how you treat them.

 I hope you realize Santa Claus is not real, but it’s still a good concept. I hope you realize Memphis is a dangerous city, but we do have the best water and Barbeque. I hope you realize life is not easy, and grace makes life unfair, but thankfully so. I hope you realize that sometimes faith is blind, but really, it is much more evident than we choose to see.  I hope you realize that most of the time, people aren’t worried about getting the right answers, they are just looking for any answers at all.

I hope you realize that there is always more to realize .

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