Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ambition is blind.

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

I love people. I love hearing their stories; where they come from, where they've been. I love learning about their lives, and what makes them who they are. I love getting to know them and spending real, genuine time with them. I love listening to them talk, and I love talking to them. I love the honor of giving wanted advice, and  I love the honesty of an opinion. I want to know what makes the mind work; what makes personalities click. I want to know about your family and what part on your of them rubbed off on you. I am passionate about people and about their precious lives and minds. I want to help them, to hear them, to show them the love I've been shown. I want to carry their burdens with them until they aren't burdens anymore; until are they are strong enough to carry on by themselves. I want people to know that they are loved and needed and respected. Young, old, pure, or stained, every life precious and every story is unique. I want to hear it. 

I love writing. I love reading.  I love words and painting pictures with them. I love stories, true or fiction. I love that you can read a book and make a story come to life. I love that, when you read, you create the story in your own, personal way. I love that books are the only thing we'll never outgrow, and I love the smell of old novels. I love the idea of sitting down and writing pages and pages of nothing, which to someone might be pages and pages of inspiration or hope or courage or advice. I love that there is an endless supply of words to describe every single thing you might be feeling, and I love that if there is not a word to describe whatever it is, you can just make one up. I love that. I love that words are almost innate, but it takes a talent and a gift to put them together in a beautiful way and make a story. I love that Nicholas Sparks uses his words to make me cry and that Dr. Seuss used his words to make us laugh. I love that a book can raise every emotion from anger to happiness to desperation, love, excitement, fear, and hope. I love that God used literature to communicate with us, and that now, 2,000 something years later, we still use literature to communicate with each other. I love that a word can be spoken or written in any language. I love that stories and books and writing are universal, though the meanings might change with time or place. I love that when you write something down you can read and reread for days and years, and then pass it down for someone else to read and reread. I even love that a simple mark of punctuation can completely change the way a word is read and pictured in your mind. 
I love the beauty of people's stories, and I want to create those stories. Whether in a magazine or a newspaper or on an internet website, I want to write words that paint beautiful pictures. I want the joy of words and the stories of people to be heard and read and taken in. I want to figure out the most complex of people but then I want to write it all down so I can take it all in- one sentence at a time. People are my passion, but writing is my escape. Writing is my way of coping, relaxing, organizing, thinking. People are my way of living, of breathing, my purpose and essentially, a large part of what makes up life. People are responsible for what is written, whether it be their story or their influence that you use, people are always the reason behind what you read and write, but writing is how we share those stories and influence. 

With that said, I have ambitiously decided to pick up a second major and add journalism to my psychology.Yes, ambition is blind because I just told my mother that I might live frugally off of scholarship money and take 21 hours a semester, in order to graduate before 30 with 2 degrees. Look at me plan!
Next semester on the way to my 6th class, ambition won't be so blind; it will be fake! People do this all the time, but I am the kind of person that would rather sit at home and blog or read than study or go to class. But nonetheless, I love people and I love writing, therefore, I am going to pursue my purpose and my passion with ambition; be it blind or not. Happy schooling to me...hopefully. 

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